6 weeks online course

For Couples Who Want To Share

with Eva Rohde, mediator and life-coach

You have been together for 5, 10, 15, 20... years. You think you cooperate quite well together as far as it concerns your family.

 Now you wish to make another step. 

You want to learn how to be at ease with the fact that both of you have changed in the meantime, when you discuss both pleasant and unpleasant topics. 

You want to invest in your relationship, not just to live next to each other.

Then let me guide you.

  • You wish you knew how to better handle your differences.
  • You hate when your discussions turn into conflicts.
  • Some topics destabilise you, you do not know what to do. Or they have simply become a tabu.
  • You do not want that but sometimes it simply feels like a vicious circle.
  • Sometimes you fear: what if we divorce one day? We'll be no more interesting for each other.
  • There is nothing rational about it but sometimes you just start feeling insecure.
  • When we finally find time for each other: why do I not look forward to it as much as I used to?

You feel it well. Your relationship could be better. 

You will do right if you do not ignore these (maybe so far only tiny) voices in you.

In the movies we never see what happens after a Happyend. We do not see how the couple deals with their everyday situations: that it is normal to argue because we do not understand each other

Having children together and our need to take care for our family motivate us to solve problems and deal with unpleasant situations together. Still, having a family, work, interests, relations with the families we come from... (simply being busy with everything that needs to be done): these are many things to be put together.

In addition, each of us goes through different life phases due to which our needs change. Sometimes we do not even understand ourselves: why this has been fine till now but it is no more enough?

It is normal that at a certain point we have a feeling of being overwhelmed. However, it is a really pity if a couple gives up just because of "too many problems" while many of these "problems" are only obstacles that we need to learn to deal with. 

Sometimes they seem really hard but once we go through them, we get much stronger as a team.

My name is Eva Rohde and I am a professional mediator and life-coach. I combine conflicts resolution with personal development because I believe that solving relational conflicts are not only about cultivating communication. As an efficient solution I see learning to work with our differences and going through conflicts together which also enables us to evolve as personalities. 

Believing strongly in prevention rather than in treating too late very painful situation, I have created this course in which I will accompany you, step by step, in learning from a new perspective: how to profit from your differences  instead of fearing them and how to, literally, support each other in "good and bad", what many of you promised to each other at the beginning of your relationships.

This course is for you if:

  • Instead of criticising each other, you want to learn to listen to each other and understand your partner's behaviour.
  • Instead of blaming each other, you want to know why the unpleasant situations touch you so much.
  • You want to find out how to move on in your relationship - to be stronger together, instead of staying in not knowing what to do.
  • You want to understand the difference between your partnership and the relationships with your relatives. Why it is sometimes so hard to face certain conflicts. 
  • You want to feel at ease with your partner, no matter the topic/situation you need to discuss.
  • Once you want to be proud on the journey you made together, despite the circumstances.

It is ideal, if you subscribe as a couple but it is possible that only one of you registers, if the other one cannot but fully support you in participating.

For many years I believed that it was enough to love each other and have good memories together. 

I also believed that a good relationship was about making compromises.

Today I see that we cannot take our relationships for granted. All, even the tiniest gestures count, when we listen to each other, care for each other with a genuine respect for the person that really stands next to us (not what we imagine we want to see).

This is why I have created this course - putting in it all my experience from life-coaching, personal development and family mediation: to support all of you who want to invest in your relationships, rather than hoping that everything will be fine.

The course is organised as follows:

  • Videos: Once a week you will receive a video with my perspective on a specific topic. 
  • Worksheets: The videos will be accompanied by worksheets that will guide you in mapping your own situation.
  • Online coaching via Zoom: within a private group of the course participants we will go through your questions, challenges and progress.
  • More videos or summarising articles, if you need more explanations or have questions to related topics.  

Weekly plan:

Week 1: Introduction

What it means that every couple is unique. Growing together. Creating together the life we want. Coping with fears.

Week 2: Our story

Our personal roots and paths. Why did we get together? Who brings what into our relationship?

Week 3: Me + You =/= We

Our strengths and weaknesses. Evolving in our relationship. Stronger together.

Week 4: Trust

Sharing in good times and in bad. How to compensate what we cannot change. Feeling home.

Week 5: We are a team

What game do we want to play together? Art to say "No". My partner is not "at home".

Week 6: A new beginning

Sharing in good times and in bad. How to compensate what we cannot change.

We start on 17 January 2022


Standard plan:

180 EUR  a couple

120 EUR one person

Within 6 months from the beginning of the course you can profit from 50% discount on 3 one-hour individual consultations.

Premium plan - max. 5 clients:

480 EUR a couple

380 EUR one person

This Premium package includes 5 one-hour individual consultations (in the value of 65 EUR each) to be used during the course or within 6 months from the beginning of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I like very much your course but I am  my partner is not interested in this type of activities. Can I register alone?

You are welcome to register alone, if you know that your partner is not explicitly against. If your partner does not participate only because of time constraints, he/she is always welcome to join individual consultations.

Q2: Both of us are very interested. However, my partner is very busy - it is impossible for both of us to participate.

You can either register alone, while your partner is welcome to join individual consultations. Or you can register as a couple which gives you a posibility to join together at least some Zoom sessions. (Some dates might suit him/her; it would really be a pity to miss them.)

Q3: I would like to join your course but currently I am not in a relationship. Do you have a similar course that focuses on relationships, but also for single persons? 

Yes, just write me an email and I will send you more information.